How to play: Use the mouse to move your snake and click the left mouse button for acceleration.

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About unblocked is a unique snake game with amazing mechanisms, which is different from other snake-style io games you may have played before. The game features two game modes for you to try: classic snake mode and Zapper mode. Select your favorite mode then step into the arena to fight against all enemy snakes from around the world.

When you are in the arena of free online, you see that various snakes are attacking each other. You should ignore them all and focus on collecting food on the ground to get your size bigger. But, growing your size will make you more vulnerable to other snakes, especially the smaller players because they can kill you if you make your head collide with their bodies. Hence, it’s better for you to avoid contact with them if you are not ready for the fight. Keep energizing yourself by collecting food and you will get a speed boost to run away from all dangerous snakes. Just stay connected with the word grid so you can move at a faster speed. However, you should watch out for the enemy players coming to the grid, which makes it more crowded. Do whatever it takes to survive and slither your way to the top rank on the leaderboard. You can play for free to present your skills! Have fun with it!