How to play: The mouse is used for interacting with towers, mines and other in-game objects.

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About 3 3 3 unblocked is a new free io game with challenging matches. It is the third edition in series and promises to keep players engaged. If you are already a fan of game, then nothing can stop you from trying this latest chapter. 3 free online pits you against zombies. You start with a base and you must do whatever it takes to keep it safe because that’s where the zombies are marching to. With mines and defensive towers, place them around your base in a strategic way to cope with the zombies. They will protect you as well. Also, you need to create factories to get more ammo and other equipment for later encounters. The waves of zombies will be stronger than ever. You cannot let them outplay you using their strength. You must do your best to survive all waves and remain alive until the end!