How to play: Use arrow keys, WASD, or mouse to navigate your ship. Use the left mouse or the spacebar to attack. Hold it for charging an attack.

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Yohoho game pits you against multiple enemy pirates from around the world. If you love to experience a pirate life, then Yohoho io game is a good selection for you. In this multiplayer fighting game, you will navigate your big ship through a lot of islands. On your way, there will be a wide range of enemies trying to kill you. With all of your excellent skills and strategies, you can use them to kill the rivals before they have a chance to attack you. The more kills you accumulate, the larger you will become, which means you will turn into a stronger pirate for sure. As a pirate, you can totally make your ship go faster using the dashing feature. Make sure you use it to get an edge over the opponents. Do not stay close to the danger zone! You will receive massive damage if you fall into it. The main objective for you in pirate game is to become the strongest pirate on the islands.