How to play: Navigate your worm around the map using the mouse. Use the left mouse to accelerate.

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If you are longing for another snake game to master, then give a shot to unblocked – a free snake-themed io game in browsers. Like always, you begin as a small worm when spawning into the map. There are plenty of animals scattered around the map. You are here to absorb them all to make your size larger. While eating food, make sure you defend yourself from other snakes who are hunting for food just like you. They can use their evil schemes to trap and kill you. Don’t let them do that, otherwise, your game will be over. When you get larger, you can jump into a clash to destroy other snakes. Speed up to cut them off, make them run into you, and use any tricks you know to wipe out the opponents. Similar to, WormsZone io also features a leaderboard showing the players’ ranks. You aim to become number one on the board dominating the entire arena.