How to play: Move your worm using the mouse, and click the left mouse to speed up.

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Everybody starts as a little worm in unblocked, and from here, they have to fight for their life as well as the largest size! Like other Slither-style io games, in game, you will also make your way through a huge map eating many foods dispersed on the map. For every single piece of food you absorb, your size will be grown up, and gradually, you will become a stronger worm. While eating foods, try to avoid contact with other worms if you are not ready for a conflict. But when you feel confident, you can jump into the clash then take on them. Use your tricks or any good tactics you have to eliminate them out of the arena before they are able to harm you. Make sure you dodge the danger zone as well! Through over time, you will turn into a powerful worm! The goal here is to become the last one standing on the ground.