How to play: Use the mouse to move, left click or Space to fire.

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About is an incredible 2D shooter MMO game which is free for all to play online. You will start off the new dogfight with a cool small fighter aircraft. Being a pilot is not an easy job, especially in a fierce combat that you are going to engage because you will battle against a large number of strong enemies all over the real world. Everybody including you have to compete with each other to find out the worthy person who can take over the top spot and reign the leaderboard first. Fly around the arena set in the mid-air and try to take out any plane in sight while protecting the own airplane from brutal attacks. Besides, collect glowing orbs and weapon crates to increase the score, restore health, improve the shooting ability and much more. There are various upgrades raning from the missile launcher to the Tesla cannon. Let’s unleash your potential and dominate the crown now! Good luck!

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