How to play: Control the movement of your sumo around the map using WASD or arrow keys.

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About unblocked is a free io game where everybody is dressed as strong wrestlers fighting one another. Get yourself ready for a new confrontation with many wrestlers coming from around the world. As a sumo wrestler, you have to show off your fighting skills to defeat all enemies. But first, you may want your size to be bigger. To grow the size, you have to wander around the map gobbling up all the sushi power-ups. As soon as you have captured like 20% of the map, you will start moving smartly to deal with other enemies. Try your hardest to conquer them using your strategies, tricks, tactics, or whatever you have. Make sure that they are unable to attack you. If you get defeated, you will have to restart the battle from scratch. Do whatever it takes to stay alive until you become the strongest Sumo on the server. Much fun with free!