How to play: Move and change the direction using the mouse or the left/right arrow keys. Use the left mouse or the spacebar for an instant stomp.

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Stomp your way to the top of the leaderboard in online! This is a great io game that lets you show off your stomping ability. You will have to stomp other players in a platform-based arena to eliminate them before you get stomped. Before entering the battle, you can pick a skin, customize your character, and select a username. When you are completely ready, you will jump into it to begin stomping around the map. Make sure you direct the movement of your character carefully, jump strategically from platform to platform to get an upper hand on enemies. Stomp the ones that are smaller than you while avoiding the bigger ones. As you kill enemies, you can pick up the stars dropped by them to gain size, making you stronger than ever. Think you can rise to the top place on the leaderboard to become the best stomper in free? Much fun!