How to play: Use WASD keys to move and steer, Shift to sprint, LMB to control the paddle

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About is a sports iO game containing a fast-paced match that is available for all to play online. To become the top player, you need to score and survive. Actually, it is a cool Battle Royale based competition. In which, you must stay alive at the moment that you conquer the championship. You and every opponent in free will start off with a ping pong ball and you will be equipped with a paddle. It is the only weapon that you use to defend your character against rivals. Try to aim and hit other items in unblocked accurately! Otherwise, they can counterattack and eliminate you. In the arena that is similar to a tennis table, it is feasible to speed up and activate some skills to evade. Aside from avoiding, it is easy to sprint in case you plan to chase somebody. Can you knock every challenger off the edge and own the biggest object? Good luck!