How to play: Use arrow or WASD keys to move, the left mouse to collect the resource, craft items, and attack the enemy.

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About is an awesome MMO RPG strategy game set in a new harsh world. While finding the necessary materials for the future constructions, you got lost the way. Unfortunately, you will not have the time to look for a solution leisurely because you are being surrounded by a huge number of wicked strangers. You have to defend your life and survive the cold first. Additionally, you also need to escape the hunger. Run away from dangerous guys and collect every essential item such as food and natural resources like the stone to craft a campfire and deal with the severe weather. You can create a garden by planting seeds later. Not only that, the difficult challenges will soon appear. You are recommended to make a sword and build a wall next to your workbench, which help you attack other players or prevent them from killing you. You can choose to live together with them if you want. The gold and diamond are important to unlock upgrades. Let’s play and dominate the leaderboard! Good luck!

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