How to play: On PC, use the mouse for your fish's movement. Click the mouse and hold it for acceleration. On Mobile, tap the control with a D-pad to move your fish and speed ti up with second tap.

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Swim through a big ocean in unblocked for an epic adventure! This is an ocean io game that makes you a marine monster. You spawn in the ocean as just a small shark, or a whale, or a dolphin. Those are three character classes you can choose to play. Since you are small, you must focus on eating food to fuel your boost tank. Make the boost tank full so you can evolve yourself. As you grow, you should protect yourself from bigger enemies, otherwise, you will get eaten. But, you can eat the ones that are smaller than you to increase your size faster. If you take on enemies with the same colored ring continuously, you will get a chain bonus. Make sure you upgrade your skills so you can have more strength to defeat tough enemies easily. You must survive, defeat enemies, and get to the top rank on the leaderboard to become the best fish in free online!