How to play: Direct the movement of your snake using the mouse. Click the left mouse to accelerate.

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It’s time to become a cunning and hostile snake in unblocked! Just like and, free online is an addictive snake mobile browser game where snake players have to kill each other for the first place on the leaderboard. You are just a little snake as you spawn on the map. From here, you slither through a big arena eating as many glowing dots as possible to increase your size that is a very crucial element in most of the snake io games. A snake with the big size is able to slay his enemies. You should get your body bigger and use it to encircle around other players, or speed up to bypass them, and quickly cut them off. You must have them run into you while avoiding to run into their bodies. Once you have killed a snake, pick up their dead drops to get yourself even bigger. Try to remain alive, climb the leaderboard, and become the biggest snake! Have fun!