How to play: Use the mouse to move your snake, Left click to accelerate, Right mouse to release TNT, Enter to chat

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About is a new Slither style based game about a fun-addicting multiplayer race. To become the winner or take over the top spot of the leaderboard, you must become the longest snake. Not only that, you are forced to maintain that size if you want to occupy the rankings for a long time. Remember that it is not as same as the original completely!
Actually, play unblocked you will be able to find out many elements coming from Minecraft. You will grow up your mass by eating different blocks. When you consume a diamond cube, you will obtain the maximum number of points. Besides, you can speed up to chase something or run away from stronger enemies. In free online, it’s really easy to throw dynamite at the target. Do not skip the leader! Search and eliminate him to dominate the position that you expect!