How to play: Use the mouse to move. Hold the left click to boost.

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About is a popular free for all strategy Io game. Play as a snake and try your best to grow in size while taking out other players to dominate the new world. After you enter the nickname and spawn, you can see tons of orbs scattered across everywhere on a vast map. They are the food that you should collect to enlarge and get longer. Not only that, you will soon realize that they are not the single source. The mass that slain snakes leave is also very precious. Whilst consuming that energy, you must watch your back and other directions because the enemy can appear whenever to attack and swallow you. Defend yourself and survive until you reach the highest position on the leaderboard. In, you are able to kill the bigger opponent by cutting them off. So, don’t run into the body of anyone! Besides, there are many different tips waiting for you to explore. Let’s embark on your adventure and enjoy now!

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