How to play: Press W/A/S/D to move, LMB to fire, R to reload, E to change items, Q to release grenades

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About is one of the top shooting Io game aka Shell Shockers. Play against strangers or join the new online match together with friends in the private room. The goal is to become the top egg gunner. So, you need to survive and defeat as many opponents as possible.

Once you select the gun and the mode that you like most, you are able to engage in a title unblocked at school. You should quickly make use of your own abilities and weapons including grenades smartly. Shooting at other people or removing a small group will help you earn more scores and rank up easier. If you involve in a team when you take part in free, you are recommended to stay alongside teammates because you will be covered in case you are in danger. Besides, you can hide behind containers to evade or restore your energy. Are you willing to enjoy and share with your buddies? Much fun!