How to play: Use the mouse to navigate your shark around the ocean to eat smaller sharks and get bigger.

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About Shark


Here comes a new ocean-themed Agario-inspired io game called Shark unblocked! Are you going to play it in your browser for free and sharpen your surviving skills? In this title, you are a hungry shark that is willing to gobble up any plankton, any small fish, and any enemy sharks while swimming around the arena. You must aim at the smaller sharks then quickly gobble them up to increase your size faster. Once you have reached a big size, you can become a scary shark. But still, you have to ensure that you run away from the sharks that are way bigger than you, or else you will be the one that gets eaten. Like always, the main goal for you is to get your name to the top of the leaderboard, making you the strongest snake in the ocean. Are you up for this awesome shark adventure? Enjoy Shark free game!