How to play: Use the mouse button to interact with items and the map

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About is one of the latest free-for-all strategy iO games. Play an interesting multiplayer competition online and build up the best factories before every rival. It is an important key to overtake them and take over the top spot. When you embark on putting up structures like that, you will have the chance to automate the creation and combination of shapes. Besides, you will be asked to deliver the assigned, increasingly difficult blocks to level up when you engage in unblocked. Aside from that, your progress will make upgrades unlocked and you can speed up your system significantly. While the demand is enhanced, you should scale up the factory so it can offer enough products. Remember to pay attention to resources! They are great to expand the empire of your own. It’s easy to mix colors and decorate your items your way! Further, you can check hints if you get stuck. Have fun!