How to play: Move your cell around the arena using the mouse. Press W to fire masses and use the spacebar to split.

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About unblocked is a multiplayer eat-to-grow io game that takes the concept of – a very successful io game about the big eating the small. Although gameplay is quite similar, it still brings you a new adventure with more experiences to conquer. The first thing you must do when stepping into the arena of the game is to hunt for the masses dispersed on the ground and collect them all to grow your body. Keep growing your food chain for a chance of becoming the biggest cell. As you grow, you will be able to attack other cells and eat them up if they are smaller than you. You still have to avoid the ones that are bigger, otherwise, you will be eaten. You aim to become the biggest cell ruling the entire leaderboard in free game. Let’s prepare your skills then jump into the arena right now to start your adventure! Much fun!