How to play: Use WASD for the movement, use the mouse cursor to spin, use B to open the human shop, click the left mouse to use items, press G to drop items and use E to pick up items.

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About Rich City

Rich City

Join Rich City free online with worldwide friends! You must prepare everything you have to deal with a zombie disaster in Rich City unblocked – a tough zombie-themed io game free for all. Inspired by game, in this title, two teams, including humans and zombies, must also compete one another for the map control. The task for the zombie team is to walk around the map dispersing the contamination to infect all humans, which turns them into zombies. As for humans, they have to barricade themselves and buy items from the shop to deal with the waves of zombies as well as their contamination. Both teams are required to have teamwork for a higher chance of winning. If zombies can change all humans into the zombies, or if there is at least one zombie standing on the ground at the end of the battle, the zombie team will win. Similarly, the human team will touch the glory if there is at least one human alive when the game comes to an end. Play it now! Have fun with it!