How to play: Move your cell using the mouse. Eject partial mass using W, split your cell using the spacebar or key 1, split it twice using D or key 2, split it three times using A or key 3, perform a trick split using Shift, the line split using Z, and toggle the zoom using the mouse wheel scroll.

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It’s not hard to find another game like to master, and with free online, you don’t have to look for more. Feel free to try this title in your browser now for awesome challenges. Similar to game, Popsplit io online also lets you control a little cell when spawning into the arena. Now, you must prowl around the arena with this cell eating as many cells as possible to grow your size. While you are on the hunt for foods, be sure to avoid contact with bigger players as they can eat you in just a bite. Once you have got eaten, the game will be over for you instantly, and you will restart everything from scratch. But you can hunt for the smaller cells and eat them up to grow your mass faster. Keep your eyes open and stay on guard on the time for your safety. The main goal here is to top the leaderboard as well as become the biggest cell in the arena.