How to play: The left mouse button is used for shooting, the right mouse button is used for releasing nectar. Use the middle mouse button to stop or move, and the mouse to move your character.

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The mission for you in free online is to find nectar to increase your score, feed your nests and progeny, and beat all enemies in the arena. This is a game of strategy, so it requires you to have good strategies with great skills to conquer. When you make your way through the map searching for nectar, you should be careful about other players who have the same task as you. Make use of your skills and your smart strategies to attack them all and get their nectar before they take yours and eliminate you from the arena. Find new areas to grow your territory, protect yourself from the enemies, and try to survive for a chance of winning. You aim to get to the top rank on the leaderboard to become the best player in game. Come play it now to show your skills then see if you can obtain the goal!