How to play: WASD or arrow keys to move, spacebar to sprint, left click to attack, E or right click for the special power, B to create towers, U to buy a soldier, F to organize the army formation, Y to upgrade the soldier, spacebar to split the army, C to alter the formation, M to toggle the mini-map, L to toggle the leaderboard, Enter to chat, Esc for the pause menu.

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Here comes another awesome Tower Defesen io game titled! Are you ready for the sequel to the first chapter? In unblocked, you have to build up a big kingdom and run it carefully with your own army. The first thing you must build is a castle, and then, you will start generating plenty of key buildings that can be used for funding the army. Once your army has been boosted, send your units out into the battle to defeat all enemies and take their lands, which helps expand your kingdom too. Will you dominate the entire arena? Play free online now!