How to play: Use WASD to move, click the mouse to shoot, use key E to gather items and use the spacebar to jump.

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In another survival io game called unblocked, you will meet hundreds of online opponents and challenge them to an epic battle where there is only one winner at the end of the match. Much like other battle royale shooting io games, in game, you will make your way through the map finding a lot of weapons, supplies, and useful items for your survival. Gear up yourself with these collected weapons and use them to deal damage to your opponents. You have to be quick when trying to kill them as they can totally do the same to you. It’s very important to protect yourself because the game will be over if you get shot. In case your health is being low, you can use some health kits to recover it and continue fighting off other players. Keep yourself alive for as long as possible until you are the last man standing to win. Enjoy free game right now!