How to play: Use the mouse to move your chicken crowd, press the spacebar to speed up and click the right mouse to attack enemies.

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With three awesome game modes, online has become a good pick for players who are the fans of crowd-building io games. unblocked follows the concept of Crowd game. However, instead of playing with humans, now you will play with chickens. The main mission for you in this io game is to collect eggs, group small chickens together to make a strong crowd and attack all enemies. Each game mode you pick has a different game objective that you need to obtain to win. In the io game mode, you will experience the classic io gameplay. The goal for this mode is to become the top player on the leaderboard. In the battle royale mode, you fight against other enemies alone yourself and try to be the only winner. In the team mode, you become a part of a team and will work with your teammates to defeat the rivals from the opposing team. You can choose your favorite game mode to play, or if you have free time, you can try all of these modes for more experiences. Whichever mode you are in, make sure you build the size of your crowd bigger so you can have more strength to defeat other enemy chickens. You need to kill them all and stop them from defeating your crowd. game online will keep you entertained for hours, so come play it now!