How to play: Use WASD to move, the left mouse to attack or fire, keys 1-3 to change a weapon, and collect an item using key F.

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It’s time to become a cool fighter armed with a cute helmet in free game! You have to get ready for an epic battle awaiting you ahead, where you will compete against new enemies. game is taken in a large battleground. Players are all equipped with a helmet on their head, and this helmet will be used to protect the players from taking damage during the course of the fight. Since now you already have the head armor, you must gear yourself with weapons and useful items that can be collected on the ground or from the chests. You will get a lot of random items from the chests. Try to make use of them to deal damage to the opponents, which eliminates them out of the arena. If someone is attacking you, use your helmet to defend your head, which can save your life. The goal of is to top the leaderboard!