How to play: Use WASD to move your character. Use the mouse to look around the map. Use the left mouse button to shoot enemies, the right mouse button to aim, R to reload weapons, Shift to sprint, spacebar to jump, and number keys 1-2 to change between the current available weapons.

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Be a fast and aggressive gunslinger in unblocked! It seems that free online is a game for you when you are looking for a shooting io game to master your shooting skills. You will take on lots of opponents from around the world and try to beat them all to become the winner. You are not alone in this title but with a team. There are two teams here, the Red Team and the Blue Team. Try to stick with your teammates during the battle and shoot all the rivals from the opposing team. Protect yourself as you play! If you take damage from enemies, the game will be over for you. Try to prepare your strategies as well as plan some good tactics with your teammates then use them to defeat all opponents. The goal for each team is to obtain 100 kills. This means the first team with 100 kills will win the match.