How to play: Use the left mouse button to click and drag to putt. Zoom in with the mouse wheel scroll, use R to reset, and use F for the friendship abilities (once unlocked).

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Golf Royale free online is a minigolf simulator io game with strong physics and nice graphics. It’s all about striking a ball to get points, which is the same as golf you play in real life. In this io game, you will compete against 50 opponents at the same time. All of you have to race to finish every course in an effective way without using much time. You should use less time than your opponents if you want to win. This is a chance for you to express your quick reflexes and skillful maneuvering.

When you step into unblocked, you will get ready to strike the ball. Here are some tips for you: no need to wait for the ball to stop moving so you can hit it again, you just need to wait for a short time between hits. If you strike the ball lighter, you will hit it again sooner. Make sure you take it slow at the beginning of a course, zoom out then have a look around then use your strategy to get it done quickly. Also, you need to bounce around obstacles and traps as well as sling the ball around the golf course. Pay attention to your opponents’ moves, make use of your friendship abilities to get an edge over them. You are competing for the golf championship. Can you achieve it? Enjoy Golf Royale game!