How to play: Use WASD for your character’s movement, use the mouse to look around, use the left mouse button to place objects and attack enemies. Use the right mouse button to rotate objects. Use the mouse wheel scroll or click HUD or use number keys 1-9 to change tools, use Enter to chat, L to look objects and Insert to show ping.

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About unblocked is an io game of creating water piping systems to pump and gather gallons of water from various ponds. You have to use your logical mind to conquer all challenges in this fun io game when playing against other players from around the world. Water is the main resource here! For every gallon of water you gather, you will earn some money. Your piping network doesn’t have a good size and large capacity, so you need to create more pipes and pumps to make those two elements much better. You have to be careful because other players will try to demolish your network. Make sure all the pumps will be connected to your ponds using the pipes. Do whatever it takes to keep your base pump safe during the game. If someone is trying to sabotage your base pump, the game will be over. But, you can try to sabotage theirs to eliminate them from the game. Level up yourself as you play to unlock more equipment, like bigger pipes, stronger weapons, more defensive objects, and water processors. How many gallons of water you can gather in free game? Play it now!