How to play: Use the left mouse button to spin and use the right mouse to throw weapons at enemies to kill them.

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About FOWz


FOWz unblocked is a fascinating fighting game that can be attractive to players who love to hone their fighting abilities. You will be thrown into an epic fight taken on a huge map full of objects and enemies. You aim to kill them all using those objects. When you spawn, you must prowl around the arena shooting as many objects as possible. By dealing damage to them, you can destroy the opponents around you too. You can expect that other players will do the same to you. To avoid taking damage from them, activate a spin attack that you are provided with. This will help repel all objects blowing up around you. Try not to get attacked from any rivals, otherwise, your game will be over. Through over time fighting, you can buy new characters and use more items to power up yourself, especially to recover your stamina. Can you become the strongest fighter in FOWz game? Play it now!