How to play: Use arrow keys or WASD for moving your character. Toggle the trade using Q, exchanging items using G, open the store using B, and sell items using K.

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Exorcist free online pits you against waves of monsters and their strong bosses. Try out this tower defense io game right now to present your skills and see how many waves you can surpass. Exorcist unblocked features up to 51 waves for now. Your big goal is to conquer them all. There are many ways to kill the monsters, such as shooting bullets at them, slicing them with your blade, blowing them up using energy bombs or even defeating them with strong spirits. Once you have racked up kills, you will gather a lot of souls. Then, you can use the souls (or if you have enough gems) to purchase items in the store. The waves of enemies will become stronger, so you need to focus on the battle and use your smart strategies to fight them off. Watch out for other rivals as they can dish out damage to you. Play it now then see if you can survive all waves!