How to play: The left mouse button is used for attacking enemies and the right mouse button is used for speeding up.

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How far can you go and evolve yourself in unblocked? This is a new io game about survival, which you can play for free in your browser. The game has a free evolution gameplay mechanic, allowing players to evolve and upgrade their characters to brand new classes with stronger abilities. The first thing you do when spawning in the arena is to collect some resources by cutting down trees, palms, bushes, and cacti. By doing so, your size will become bigger. As you grow in size, you can attack smaller enemies while running away from the bigger ones. Be careful about those big rivals because they can slay you with just one fell swoop of their strong weapon. If you meet your end, you have to give your experience to the enemy. Make sure you sprint away from them but don’t do this much, otherwise, your experience decreases. There are 12 levels to upgrade your character into new classes, such as killer, ninja, warrior, and legend. Can you get to level 12 to become the most powerful player in the game? Have fun with game!

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