How to play: Use arrow keys or WASD to move, click the left mouse to use items, press key E to gather items, and use the number keys to choose an item.

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In a long dungeon full of traps and enemies in unblocked, you must get through all of the tough challenges for your triumph. free is not an easy adventure RPG io game. It opens up a dangerous match forcing players to fight one another using their excellent skills. There are also plenty of quests that you must conquer, and on your way, you can collect many resources to help you survive all challenges. For every quest you complete, you will earn some rewards from the glory system featured in game. Try to collect as many rewards as possible for more advantages and your rank will grow higher on the leaderboard until it can reach the top. Make sure you destroy all enemies that stand in your way, survive for a long enough time and turn yourself into the best hero. Are you ready to join the adventure? Let’s give it a shot now!