How to play: Use WASD to move, exit a ladder or jump with the spacebar, left click to interact with objects, right click to use the items, press Q to drop an item, the mouse wheel scroll to zoom, C for a fast zoom, Enter for chatting with friends, and Tab to open the scoreboard.

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About free online offers epic challenges to all players. Are you up for a tough battleship io game like this and have your skills tested through all challenges? In unblocked, you aim to generate a giant ship then use it to kill all enemies around you for the arena domination. You can add many weapons and equipment to the ship, making it stronger than ever. When you come across enemies, use the weapons to shoot them down before they get away and make sure you defend your ship at the same time. Taking damage is not a good thing as it will destroy your ship, causing the game to be over. You should develop your smart strategies to outwit the rivals or even craft good materials with better weapons to boost your strength. Don’t forget to join forces with other players for having a massive vessel. Will you dominate the leaderboard? Play online now!