How to play: Direct the movement of your dragon using the mouse only.

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About unblocked is an upgrades multiplayer game from the io games series. It’s all about riding mighty dragons to fight one another in an epic battle. You will compete against lots of enemies from around the world, so this can be a good chance for you to present your excellent skills. Being the master of a dragon, you have to control it around the map carefully to burn down as many objects as possible for making its size larger. Keep dealing damage to those objects until your dragon is much stronger. That’s when you can partake in a conflict to kill all enemies. Make an attempt to finish all of them before they have a chance to wipe you out of the arena. Simultaneously, you also have to dodge their fire as you will be burned down if you come in contact with it. The longer you survive, the higher the chance you can win. Try game now then see if you can reach the top!