How to play: Use the mouse to move, Space to boost.

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About is an amazing free for all multiplayer online Io game. Take part in a cool undersea adventure and climb up the food chain and dominate the ocean. Start off the challenge with the animal that you select. After you depart, you need to eat energy bubbles and smaller players to gain experience used to unlock levels. When the XP bar is filled up, you will evolve and instantly change into a new creature. Once you reach the higher-leveled species, you will become bigger and stronger. Also, the survival chance is increased. Aside from that, keep an eye on the oxygen meter. Running out of the air is very dangerous for some classes like seagulls. There is an important note you should remember is that anything larger than you can bite you apart from others of the same type. The rule is not effective for sharks though. Boosting forward a limited amount is useful for you to close the gap between you and the enemy or catch up the prey. Let’s play and explore now!

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