How to play: Direct the movement of your ship using WASD, click the mouse to fire, press key H to open the help menu, and use key Y to open the shop.

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In a unique team-based space io game called, players have to manage to survive in space full of dangers. There are two teams battling against each other in Dark Nova free online game, the red team and the blue team. You can select your favorite side then jump into the fray. Your mission here is to help the teammates defend or steal the gem. Make your way through space with your spaceship trying to kill all rival spaceships while defending yours from the dangers around. Work together with your allies during the course of the fight so you can surpass the enemies as well as slay them more easily. The more kills you rack up, the more money you will earn, then you can spend it on more ships with other modifications. You have to stay alive and bring victory to your team! Play free in your browser now! Much fun with it!