How to play: Move your character with WASD. Shoot with the left mouse button, choose a wall type using Z/X or C. Place walls using the right mouse button. Change items or weapons using number keys 1-5, do an action using E, run with Shift, chat with Enter, and use the spacebar to jump from the parachute.

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About CrazyBattle

CrazyBattle online is a battle royale zombie io game set on an island filled with explosive barrels. You have to fight against other enemies from around the world to dominate this island and make yourself the best fighter. unblocked features two game modes, namely deathmatch, and zombie. You can choose the mode you like then step into the arena. Try your best with the deathmatch mode because there is only one winner at the end of the game. It’s like other battle royale games where players must descend using their parachutes. You will go around the map collecting weapons and items to fight against others. Try to kill them and be the last one standing on the ground to win. In the zombie mode, you and other players must fight off all waves of zombies. You’d better create a base with strong defenses around to prevent the zombies from coming inside. Also, try to craft items and advanced weapons to deal damage to them. Get through all waves and you will win. Are you ready to join these game modes and conquer them all? Play CrazyBattle game for free now! Have a blast with it!