How to play: Use WASD, mouse or arrow keys to move your helicopter. Shoot enemies using the mouse or up arrow key. Press E or right click or use the middle mouse button or X to perform your special abilities.

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In a huge arena of unblocked, everybody has to survive all challenges and dangers around them while fighting one another in an epic helicopter battle. Do you want to become a skilled pilot? Then show off your skills in this free game which shares the same developer as The in-game mission for you is to kill all rival helicopters directed by other players. Plus, you must finish off drones and tanks to grow your level through over time. The enemies can get tougher and crazier, so make sure you improve your skills for more strength. You will find it easier to kill them once you have become stronger. As time flies, you can get your helicopter evolved with new weapons, like more cannons, snipers, grenades, fast-shooters, etc. Pay attention to your rank on the leaderboard! You aim to rule it! Get ready for the fight now then see if you can conquer it!