How to play: Move your character with A/D. Press W to speed up, S to reverse, and spacebar to speed up.

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About unblocked is a highly addicting team-based soccer game that is free to play in browsers. Have your skills ready for this free sports game online and hone them more through awesome 5v5 online matches. Like other sports game, the main goal in free is to get more goals than the rival team. Make your way through the map and carefully pass the ball to move it down the field then kick it into the enemy goal while keeping your goal safe. You can get some awesome extra kick if you make a speed boost before hitting the ball. Using this speed boost feature wisely can help you outwit your opponents easily. Pay close attention to your surroundings as other players will try to get the ball from you. Always show off your good skills as well as use nice strategies to overcome all tough challenges in the game. Will you become the soccer champion? Play game now!