How to play: Use arrow keys or WASD to move, and kill your rivals using the mouse or spacebar.

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About free opens up a fierce battle between robots directed by human players. Unlike other battle io games, this title seems to be more aggressive when all the bots are armed with unique abilities to fight one another. When you spawn in the arena of game, you will control your single bot to slay enemies around you. Your bot can be armed with over 20 abilities, which makes it much stronger. Also, you can combine those abilities to unleash ultimate power of your bot. When you come across enemy bots, try your hardest to destroy them all before they have a chance to harm you back. Keep an eye on the environments around you and use your tactics to cope with all dangers. You big intention in free game is to become the bot champion that dominates the whole arena. Jump into this chaotic bot battle then see how long it takes you to conquer all enemies!