How to play: Choose the mouse cursor to move, Left Mouse to speed up

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About is a fun Battle Royale based iO game. It brings back an intense multiplayer match as in Hop into an arena and start off with a vulnerable character. It is easy to find him or her if you look at the skin that you choose at the beginning. Play free online you are also taking part in a survival challenge. In order to be the top winner, you need to gain the highest score. The point will be increased each time you eliminate somebody. Aside from that, it is important to survive! Always evade strong opponents in unblocked if you are not sure to defeat them! While you are traveling throughout the map, remember to gather colored dots. They are a type of resource that allows you to level up. Note! It is exciting to sprint! Speeding up is an ability that will help you escape or block someone. Try to deploy it sparingly! Good luck!