How to play: Control the movement of your fox through the forest using the mouse only.

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About unblocked is an epic Agar-style io game about foxes fighting one another for the map control. In the game, you are a small fox roaming the map to eat a lot of cherries. The more cherries you absorb, the larger the size you will reach. While eating cherries, make sure you protect yourself from the bigger foxes as they can eat you up easily. To cope with them, you can use big holes which help you escape away from them easily. Once you get into these holes, they will take you to another spot on the map instantly so try to use this to your advantage. When you come across smaller foxes, quickly devour them all to increase your size faster. Like game, the goal you must achieve in free game online is to become the largest fox on the leaderboard. Much fun and good luck with it! Play it now!