How to play: Use WAD or ZQD or arrows to move, S or Down to regenerate HP, left click to attack, right click to drop a satchel charge or explode a dropped satchel charge.

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About Battlestick


Battlestick is a fun multiplayer online 2D shooter Io game that you should ignore. It is a fighting arena where you will control a stickman. Choose the game mode you like most to engage the harsh battle with your teammates and lead the team to the victory or play free for all to challenge antagonists and become the King. Aside from the arrows and the bow you receive from the beginning, you are able to use several weapons like Shurikens, wodden throw axe, and so on. In Battlestick, run and jump in your way to avoid the assault to survive and eliminate the target to earn points. In case you log in the game, you are allowed to unlock plenty of cool features. Even though whatever you select, you need to find out the appropriate strategies. New and interesting updates will be released soon so as to bring the better experience. Let’s start and enjoy now!

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