How to play: Move your character using WASD, left click or right click to fire, use the number keys to change weapons.

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About 2D brings you another tough battle royale style combat with top-down shooter element. You can play Battle Royale game io against multiple players from around the world. You should get yourself ready to fight against them and show off your excellent skills. The whole battle is taken in deep outer space with dark and mysterious areas that you can take advantage of to get an upper hand on the rivals. You are armed with a pistol when you spawn in the arena, you can use it to shoot some enemies first, however, when the battle becomes tougher, as well as more difficult enemies come out, you have to find other better weapons with equipment so you can have enough strength to beat them. Make sure they are unable to harm you, otherwise, the game will be over. Can you make it to the top of the leaderboard? Try free online Battle Royale game now!