How to play: Click on your tower to choose soldiers, draw a line to the target fort and click so they can move and attack

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About is an addictive multiplayer strategy game. It is about the story between commanders. Take control of a leader and send your troops wisely to capture the most towers! It will be the main aim that you are required to accomplish before you climb up to the top spot.

Play unblocked online you will be given a certain amount of soldiers. Therefore, you should manage and deploy them promptly or you will waste the precious resource that you receive. When you select your fort and draw a line to the target and click, these people will automatically move and attack the neighbor that you choose. Aside from occupying territories within free, you are also advised to defend your kingdom. Always keep an eye on every movement around and prevent assaults properly! Otherwise, you and your achievements will be destroyed soon. Are you willing to be the best player? Have fun!