How to play: Use the left mouse to attack the enemies, the right mouse to merge your fish, and use the mouse wheel scroll to zoom.

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About free is a good ocean game from the io games series in browsers and it focuses on an interesting yet challenging adventure. You will become an angler fish queen swimming through waters to eat a lot of foods for building up a large fish army. This adventure is not easy as you will come across multiple enemy angler fish queens. They are around you and will kill you anytime they can. You have to quickly form a strong army which helps you kill others and protect you from taking damage. Once your army has become larger, you can go defeat the tough enemies. But if you let someone attack you, the chance of surviving will be very low, causing your adventure to be over easily. Always notice the environments around you and use your strategies to cope with the tough rivals. Can you survive until you establish your dominance in the deep ocean? Challenge your skills with game now!