How to play: Move your airplane with the mouse, click the left mouse to accelerate.

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Airplane-io new io game is a free game for all players to come and perfect their airplane-piloting skill. You will fly into the skies fighting against many opponents from across the world. This is going to be an amazing yet challenging battle. You are tasked with killing all enemy airplanes in unblocked game. But first, you should collect a lot of gems to get more strength or even upgrades. With a huge amount of gems you gathered, you can improve your plane. Try to aim then eliminate all smaller airplanes as well as stay away from the tougher ones, or else you will take massive damage, and the battle will be over. When you rack up kills and points, you can gradually reach the top spot on the leaderboard, making you the best pilot in the battle. Are you ready to show off your abilities in free game? Kick it off in your browser now!