How to play: Use the mouse to move, Space to split, W to eject.

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About is a popular free for all strategy Io game. It is also the origin of many variations latterly. In the new 2D environment, you will embark on the adventure as a cell. The main objective that you need to accomplish to win is to take over the leaderboard as soon as possible. Firstly, you should think of filling the empty stomach by eating every colored dot on the map along with smaller players. Once you absorb those, your mass will increase quickly. It means that your character will have the chance to grow in size. Look out! Keep away from bigger opponents when you are not ready to fight. Aside from pellets, there are plenty of green viruses in They can be the hiding place or the dangerous trap. Additionally, you are able to eject the energy you obtain and send it to another. Or, split the body into many parts to capture the prey or move easier. Walls are considered as the advantage. But, don’t get cornered! Let’s play and learn more strategies now! Good luck!

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